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Video Streaming Services Eye-tracking Study

This project is ongoing, so watch me as I work! 

This research will focuses on user interactions with video streaming services. This project is in part motivated by the shift from broadcast television to internet streaming services. Westerland (2014) highlights an important concept about how streaming services today require too much interaction and work from their users, which detract from their experience. As researcher we are focusing on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as both services utilize different ways of presenting video content - visually and textually, respectively. While each service presents the content differently, they both offer original and mainstream videos which will allow for more direct comparisons.

Project Type: Group Usability Test
Platform: Desktop
My Role: Researcher
Tools: Tobii Eye-tracker and Morae
Project Duration: 3 Months
Project For: HCI Research Class
Project Overview
My Contribution

Currently I have:

  • Written the project proposal

  • Completed literature and industry research

  • Written IRB Protocol 

  • Created participant screener questions

  • Defined tasks

  • Set-up post-task and post-test questions

I'm working on:

  • Running pilots

  • Fleshing out moderation script


Tobii Pro Eye-tracker

Morae Eye-tracking Software


We will soon begin recruitment for participants using our screener. We are looking for:



Info on vision correction wear

Video streaming services used

Video streaming habits

Genre preferences


​We are still in the process of finalizing our metrics, but here are a few we have selected:

  • Eye fixations

  • Saccades

  • Time-on-task

  • Concurrent think aloud


We plan on using each of these tasks for Netflix and Amazon.



"You have some free time and you’d like to watch [MOVIE NAME]. How would you look for this movie on Netflix? Please remember to think aloud as you go through this task."




“Your friend recommended that you watch [NAME OF CONTENT] on Netflix. How would you make the decision of whether or not to watch it? Please remember to think aloud as you go through this task.”




“You want to find something new to watch. How would you decide what you’d like to watch using Netflix? Please remember to think aloud as you go through this task.”


Coming soon!

Lessons Learned

There's always something to learn!

  1. Eye-tracking research takes lots preparation!

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